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Here are some festival stops in October for The Homesman:

Austin – Oct. 23 – 30
AFI Fest 2014 – November 11

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Hilary attended the Brian Bowen Smith WILDLIFE show hosted by Casamigos Tequila at De Re Gallery on October 23 in West Hollywood.

– Events Brian Bowen Smith “Wildlife” Show > October 23 2014

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Tommy Lee Jones’ Cannes competition film, The Homesman has been added as an additional Centerpiece Gala to this year’s growing lineup for the AFI Fest. The film which he directedAFI Fest and also co-stars in with Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep among others will screen on Tuesday November 11th.

AFI Fest 2014 Presented By Audi runs November 6 through the 13th in Hollywood.

Source: http://deadline.com

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Hilary Swank returns to the big screen in a big way with two upcoming films: You’re Not You and The Homesman and the 40-year-old actress revealed her passion for dancing when she chatted with PEOPLE this week.

Last time I danced
A little-known fact about me is that I love to dance. The last memorable time was at my 40th-birthday party. I hired a teacher for everyone to learn line dancing, and we danced the night away under the stars at this incredible ranch north of Los Angeles.

Last good deed I did
I put money in a random person’s meter because they were about to get a parking ticket.

Last time I saw the sunrise
I’m just getting back from Europe, so I’ve been watching the sun rise every day for the past five days. It’s such a quiet and peaceful time – it feels like the day is all yours. I love enjoying the sunrise with my dogs and a cup of tea or coffee or a walk on the beach.

Last home-cooked meal
My best friend cooked one of my favorite meals, which is chili con carne using my grandmother’s recipe.

Source: http://www.people.com

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October 17, 2014   •  Category: Articles & Interviews0 Comments

“The world’s we don’t know fascinate me,” said two-time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank during her Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) “Conversation With…” at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. Dressed in creamy white and positively glowing, the 40-year-old is in complete control of her career and very focused on her path.

Acting for over nine years before her breakout role in “Boys Don’t Cry,” Swank joked that her career was “anything but an overnight success.” With her mother by her side, Swank moved from Bellingham, Washington into the Oakwood Apartments near Burbank Studios where she would go on countless auditions picking up small roles. She was hired and after 16 episodes fired from “Beverly Hills 90210″ when she got the call in 1998 while with friends in the Hamptons at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor about “Boys Don’t Cry.” Diving into the role, she cut her hair the next day and started binding her breasts and getting into the psyche of the character. It was a big break for her but hardly a big budget. She joked, “I had an Oscar but I didn’t have insurance…I was only paid $3,000.”

October 15, 2014   •  Category: Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Yesterday we traveled to Long Island for the Hamptons International Film Festival where Hilary Swank attended the premiere of the new film The Homesman at the legendary Guild Hall. “It’s great when movies are given time to be talked about. To see movies before they come out wide in the theaters is always really fun, as an audience member myself,” she tells InStyle.

Swank, who never fails to thrill when she steps onto a red carpet, wore a tricolored Delpozo dress (above) and Casadei shoes to the event and provided us with some insight into how she makes her impressive fashion choices. “I really appreciate clothing as an art form and a way of expressing yourself. I sort of think about: Where are we? What feels right for the time of day?”

But, Swank does confess to one minor red-carpet mishap. “I was wearing Giambattista Valli [pictured below, at the 2006 SAG Awards]—I think I was one of the first people to wear his dresses. Because some of these dresses come right off the runway, the hem came undone and was totally hanging. But we duct-taped it up in the car. And when I met him again just a couple of years ago, he said, ‘You were one of the first people to wear my dresses, and remember you duct-taped it up!’ I’m a huge fan of his. I think he’s awesome and it was an honor to be one of the first to wear his stuff.”

After a big red carpet, Swank tells us she takes off her shoes immediately. Once the shoes are off, the actress indulges. “My favorite after-the-red-carpet food is Indian because it’s filling and comforting and I sleep the best on it.”

Source: http://news.instyle.com/

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In addition to accepting the Variety Creative Impact in Acting Award and being a subject of the “A Conversation With…” series at this past weekend’s Hamptons International Film Festival, two-time Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank was on hand in East Hampton Sunday for the East Coast premiere of her new film The Homesman.

Opposite Tommy Lee Jones, who also directs the period film based on Glendon Swarthout’s novel, Swank stars as Mary Bee Cuddy, who is transporting three mad women across the American frontier to Iowa.

In an interview Sunday with local Hamptons media, Swank spoke of how she joined Jones’s film.

“I read this beautiful script that he co-wrote and I loved it in many ways for many reasons,” Swank said. “And I was really grateful to be able to collaborate with him in telling a story that I believe very strongly in.”

She appreciates films—both as an actress and as an audience member—that share a slice of life and look at life deeper, she said.

“This movie was in a lot of ways a feminist movie. And I think it deals with the objectification and trivialization of women in the mid-1800s, which is obviously—as you know, here in 2014—something we’re still dealing with as women. And it’s something that I want to be able to talk about and be able to share.”

Mary Bee Cuddy is an independent-minded and admirable character.

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October 13, 2014   •  Category: Appearances, Gallery Updates0 Comments

Hilary attended the’Homesman’ premiere at Guild Hall on October 12 in East Hampton. She looks so pretty in Delpozo Spring 2015 dress featuring a sweetheart neckline with a curved cut-out under the bust and a full skirt with white and green pattern detail proved just that. Styled with white Casadei pumps, gold cluster earrings and a gold clutch.

– Events 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival – “Homesman” Premiere > October 12 2014

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Hilary attended ‘A Conversation with Hilary Swank’ at the Bay Street Theatre on October 12 2014 in Sag Harbor,

– Events 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival – A Conversation With Hilary Swank > October 12 2014

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